Wednesday, October 15, 2014

05. Agriocnemis Lecteola (Selys, 1877)

Agriocnemis Lecteola (Selys, 1877)
Number: 05
Family: Coenagrionidae
Genus:  Agriocnemis 
Species:  Agriocnemis Lecteola (Selys, 1877)
Common name: Milky dartlet
Habitat: Ponds, lakes, riversides associated grassland   
Distribution: Dhaka, Sylhet, Chittagong 
Abundance: Common 
Flight season: March- October
Similar species: Agriocnemis pieris

Agriocnemis Lecteola is fourth Agriocnemis species captured my me. This is a tiny damselflies like other Agriocnemis species. The species is close similar to Agriocnemis pieris and often cumbersome to differentiate.


This is most likely to be the newly emerged male specimen. Eyes are green, brownish capped. Prothorax brownish. Thorax is brownish with white antehumeral stripe. Abdominal segments and caudal appendages are white.

Eyes are green, black capped. post ocular spot green.Wings hyaline, pterostigma black in the fore wing and pale blue in hind wing. Legs white with black spine. Legs are white with black spine. Prothorax black, Thorax dorsally black, yellow antehumeral stripe present and laterally white. Abdominal segments are white, black spots present in abdominal segments 1-3, segments 4-10 and caudal appendages are white. 


The females are often seen perching with male in the grassland. The eyes are green, black capped, blue postocular spot present. Prothorax and thorax is black, green antehumeral spot present, thorax laterally greenish. Abdominal segments 1-9 laterally blue, dorsally black, abdominal segments 10 is completely black. Anal appendages are blue.  

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