Saturday, March 21, 2015

24. Ceriagrion cerinorubellum (Brauer, 1865)

Ceriagrion cerinorubellum (Brauer, 1865)

Number: 24
Family: Coenagrionidae 
Genus: Ceriagrion   
Species: Ceriagrion cerinorubellum (Brauer, 1865)
Common name: Orange-tailed Marsh dart
Habitat: Lakes, ponds, rivers
Distribution: All over the country
Abundance: Common 
Flight season: March- November

Ceriagrion cerinorubellum (Brauer, 1865) is one of the most beautiful damselflies of Bangladesh. The colorful species is found all over the country and often found in the pond sides.   


The males are more colorful than female. Thorax is blue, abdominal segments 1-2.5 and 7.5-10 are orange.

The males are yellow, eyes are laterally green. Abdominal segments 3-6 are laterally black. 

The prothorax and thorax is dorsally greenish. 

The eyes are green, frons are gereenish yellow. 

The  hock like anal appendages are black and white in color. 


 The females are similar to male, however the orange color in the abdomen is lighter than male. 

Abdominal segments 9-10 are orange, 3-8 are laterally bluish.