Saturday, March 28, 2015

26. Neurothemis tullia (Drury, 1773)

Neurothemis tullia (Drury, 1773)

Number: 26
Family: Libellulidae
Genus: Neurothemis   
Species: Neurothemis tullia (Drury, 1773)
Common name: Pied paddy skimmer
Habitat: Lakes and ponds
Distribution: Dhaka, Sylhet, Chittagong 
Abundance: Common 
Flight season: March - November


The males are black and white in color. Head, prothorax, thorax and abdominal segments are black. Wings are black from base till node, white band present in the nodus region, from there till the tip of the wing is transparent, pterostigma black.   


The females are also black and white in color. A white band travels from the prothorax, to thorax and reaches till segment 9. Segement 10 is black, anal appendages are white. The tips of the wing is black, also black stripe is present in the nodal region.  

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