Sunday, June 7, 2015

34. Aristocypha quadrimaculata (Selys, 1853)

Aristocypha quadrimaculata (Selys, 1853)

Number: 34
Family: Chlorocyphidae 
Genus: Aristocypha  
Species: Aristocypha quadrimaculata (Selys, 1853)
Common name: N/A
Habitat: Waterfalls, streams
Distribution: Chittagong
Abundance: Not very common
Flight season: June- November

Aristocypha quadrimaculata is one of the spectacular damselflies found in the waterfalls of the north east and south east region of Bangladesh.  


The males are black in color. The head, abdominal segments, anal appendages and legs are black. Thorax black with yellow stripes. More than half of the apical parts of the wings are opaque with violet stripes in the hind wings. 


The females are black in color too. The head is black, thorax is black with yellow stripe. abdominal segments has yellow color laterally. Wings are transparent, pterostigma and legs are black. 

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