Sunday, February 22, 2015

14. Prodasineura autumnulis (Fraser, 1922)

14. Prodasineura autumnulis (Fraser, 1922)

Number: 14
Family: Protoneuridae
Genus: Platycnemididae
Species: Prodasineura autumnulis (Fraser, 1922)
Common name: Black threadtail
Habitat: Stream 
Distribution: Chittagong 
Abundance: Not very common
Flight Season: October (by  me)

During my last visit in the Kaptai National Park, Chittagong, I have sighted the beautiful species. In the stream there were lots of them perching on the reeds. Later the after taking a good look of the photographs I have found the species is Prodasineura autumnulis. 


The male is black and can be found easily near the stream water. The eyes are black, thorax black dorsally, yellow antehumeral stripe present. The wings are transparent and the abdominal segments are black.

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