Tuesday, February 24, 2015

17. Crocothemis servilia (Drury, 1773)

17. Crocothemis servilia (Drury, 1773)

Number: 17
Family: Libellulidae
Genus: Crocothemis 
Species: Crocothemis servilia (Drury, 1773) 
Common name: Ruddy Marsh Skimmer
Habitat: Lakes, ponds and rivers
Distribution: All over Bangladesh
Abundance: Common 
Flight Season: February - December

Ruddy Marsh Skimmer is one the most common and beautiful dragonflies of Bangladesh, found all over the country and flights almost all of the season of the year.  


The males are red in color, legs are red, wings are transparent, amber tinted in the hind wing base. Black continuous stripe travel from abdominal segments 1-10, anal appendages are red too.   

I have photographed this two male from Chittagong University campus in my last field trip. The males are often confused with Greater crimson glider (Urothemis signata) male, of which the species can be distinguish by comparing the dorsal black abdominal stripe, which is constricted to the last three segments of the abdomen.

Dorsal view of the spectacular male I have sighted in March, 2015.

The immature male is orange in color. I have sighted the male in March, 2015 from Sylhet.

The juvenile male is yellow in color and very similar to female. That's why distinguishing male- female based on color only is wrong strategy. Anal appendages can be helpful an easily identify the male.

Crocothemis servilia changes its color from yellow to orange to red as they progress to their adulthood. 


Females are like juvenile male and often confusing. However they can be identified by comparing the terminal segments and anal appendages.

The females are grayish color with prominent black stripe in the dorsal region of the abdomen. Yellow amber in the hind wing is noticeable and the legs are also yellowish.

 I have sighted the above and below females from Chittagong University campus in April, 2014. Opaque lateral stripe present in the abdominal segments.    

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