Sunday, February 22, 2015

16. Mortonagrion aborense (Laidlaw, 1914)

16. Mortonagrion aborense (Laidlaw, 1914)

Number: 16
Family: Coenagrionidae
Genus: Mortonagrion
Species: Mortonagrion aborense (Laidlaw, 1914)
Common name: N/A 
Habitat: Lake, pond, streams 
Distribution: Sylhet
Abundance: Common
Flight Season: May- January (by me)

Mortonagrion aborense is quiet common in the ponds and lakes of Sylhet. They are often sighted perching in the reeds and grasses associated to the water bodies.


The males are black and blue in color. The eyes are black and blue capped, blue post ocular spot present. Thorax black with blue antehumeral stripe present. Abdominal segments 1-2 are laterally blue, 3-7 are black, segment 8 ventrally blue, while segments 9-10 are completely blue. Anal appendages are black.      


The females are like juvenile male. Eyes are black with yellow capped, black antehumeral stripe present. Wings are transparent. The females can be distinguished from male easily by the presence of the blue dorsal stripe in the terminal segments 7-10. 

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