Wednesday, February 11, 2015

11. Paragomphus lineatus (Selys, 1850)

Number: 11
Family: Gomphidae
Genus: Paragomphus  
Species: Paragomphus lineatus (Selys, 1850) 
Common name: Lined hooktail
Habitat: Lakes, ponds and bushes
Distribution: Dhaka, Chittagong 
Abundance: Not very Common 
Flight Season: February - November

Paragomphus lineatus (Selys, 1850) is previously known from Afganistan, India, Iran, Nepal, Tutkey and Syria.


I have sighted the male from Tilagor Eco park, Sylhet several times. The male specimen can be identified by its yellow hook shaped anal appendages. 


I have observed female several times in different places of Sylhet notably Khadimnagar National Park, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) campus and Tilagr Eco Park. The thorax is yellow with black antehumeral stripe, wings are transparent, abdomen yellow with black dorsal stripe in the abdominal segments 3-8. 

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